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We are Windsor’s demolition company, and have been offering our services for over 20 years. Our service area for demolitions start in Windsor and encompass all of Ontario. From small houses to large commercial and industrial warehouse factories, we do it all.

At RKS Services Group Inc, we take pride in being a professional demolition company. We are determined to protect the environment whenever we can by reusing and re-purposing materials, sending the least amount of debris possible to the landfill after a demolition job.

RKS demolition services
RKS demolition services

After fire or natural disaster, property clean up is often needed to restore your land. Our crews are here for you and will come in and dispose of the debris, clean your site and restore it to its condition before the incident.

With a fleet of custom equipment, we can restore your property quickly and efficiently and get you back up in operation.

We offer a full range of services that include grading and seeding, sodding, plant/tree installation, residential installs, and large scale projects such as soccer and football stadiums.

Our crew has over 25 years of landscaping experience. Our landscaping process starts with an initial site visit, then we create a custom design and lastly complete the landscaping. The final product is then showcased to our customers.

We have extensive experience with landscaping services, ranging from small residential landscaping jobs to large scale commercial, industrial and municipal jobs.

RKS demolition services
RKS demolition services

At RKS, we use our land clearing services to develop large unusable plots of land back into useable areas.

We’re there to help when nature takes over a property and needs to be restored back to a useable space.

Wood that is harvested from our land clearing projects is turned back into mulch, chairs, and tables, which positively impacts our environment.

Based in Windsor, we offer our land clearing across the province. No matter where in Ontario you are, our land clearing services are here for you.

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