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Demolition Services In Windsor, Ontario

Our demolition services span across all of Southwestern Ontario from Windsor to London. Though our base of operations is in Windsor, our team has worked on landscaping and demolition projects of all sizes across the entire province of Ontario. We are proud of our demolition work from what we’ve done for small houses to large commercial buildings and industrial factories. If there’s a building in Ontario that you need demolished, RKS Service Group Inc is the demolition company to call!

Demolition In Windsor Ontario
Demolish Buildings In London Ontario

Demolishing Large Commercial Buildings

We have the experience and equipment needed to demolish large commercial buildings all over Ontario. Our process allows us to take down buildings quickly and safely with as little waste as possible. At RKS, we care about the environment. By reusing and re-purposing materials from our demolitions,  we are able to send the least amount of debris possible to landfills.

Residential Home Demolition

When costs of repairs outweigh the cost of building a new home, the building is deemed unsafe, or you need to repurpose the land, demolishing a house can become an option. At RKS Service Group Inc, we are able to demolish homes quickly, safely, and efficiently with the latest tools and machinery in the demolition industry. If you’re interested in residential demolition services please contact us.

RKS demolish homes

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