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Landscaping Services In Ontario

Landscaping services is 1 of our specialties at RKS. If you’re looking for Landscaping services in Ontario, we can help you out. Our base of operations is in Windsor, but our team has worked on projects all across the province of Ontario for a multitude of different clients ranging from municipalities, school boards, home owners, and corporations. We have the skills and experience to complete any landscaping project no matter the scale anywhere in Ontario. RKS Service Group will work hard to make sure you’re happy with our landscaping services.

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Grading Seeding Sodding & Tree Planting In Ontario

Our landscaping services even extend to lawn care. If your lawn has been destroyed due to natural disaster, you want to plant trees, or make your lawn green again, you can count on us to do the job. Our team at RKS Service Group can sculpt your property for grading, seeding your grass, and planting trees. RKS Service Group has all the tools and equipment to restore your land and offer you a full 360 in landscaping services. We know your property is important to you and our team at RKS have you covered for all your landscaping needs.

Residential And Commercial Installs

RKS Service Group Inc has worked with large corporations and municipal governments for landscaping jobs. We start with an initial visit to the site and develop a custom-tailored plan to show each of our clients. We’ve worked on housing areas, commercial building spaces, soccer fields, and football stadiums.

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Sodding From RKS in Windsor to London, Ontario

The landscaping services offered include lawn care, specifically laying sod. Your lawn and its appearance are important, and we at RKS understand this. We want to make your lawn the best it can be. If your lawn is barren soil, or the grass’s health isn’t doing well, then contact us at RKS Services Group Inc to come to layout sod for your lawn. We’ll make sure to lay out the right sod for your climate area, lawn size, and lawn appearance preference.

We have over 20 years of experience in landscaping and lawn care in Windsor, Ontario and will make sure we lay the sod most optimally for your lawn. If you’re looking for either back or front yard sod laying, we can help you out! Don’t worry about any obstacles on your property like a pool or deck, we have the experience to work with this and provide you with the sod laying service your lawn deserves. We offer our landscaping services which include sodding from Windsor to London, Ontario. Contact us today to lay out fresh sod to give your lawn a beautiful new look.

Grading Landscaping Work in Windsor, Ontario

Living in Ontario means having to deal with the intense rainstorms we get often, especially in Windsor, Ontario. If you’re looking for grading work on your lawn, we at RKS Services Group Inc can level out your lawn and/or sculpt your lawn to your desire. You may need your lawn sculpted so that water flows away properly or leveled out so intense rain doesn’t erode any of your property, and RKS has your back. Planning to add additions to your lawn like a garden or patio means needing grading to level out your lawn, and RKS can do just that for you.

Grading can be a complicated process and with our 20 years of landscaping experience at RKS Services Group Inc, we can provide landscape grading in Windsor to Southern Ontario that will get your lawn ready for any additions and keep it in optimal condition so it will stay it’s best for as long as possible. If you’re looking to have landscape grading work in Windsor, RKS Services Group Inc has your back!

Landscape Grading in Windsor RKS Services Group Inc
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Land Clearing and Landscaping Differences

If you’re looking for a full clearing of your lawn to start from scratch, then you’re looking for land clearing services and we at RKS Services Group Inc offer this too! Land clearing involves fully demolishing the land and flattening it out for future structure or wildlife additions/removal. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, check out our land clearing in Windsor page for more information on the commercial and residential land clearing services we offer! 

Landscape Architecture in Windsor and Across Southern Ontario

Making your lawn look beautiful is no easy task and preparing for it adds to this difficulty, yet we at RKS Services Group Inc have the expertise and professional equipment to get your landscape architecture to look as beautiful as you’d imagine. Landscape architecture is a different game than landscaping, and we have the experience to prep your lawn for optimal landscaping architecture.

We offer grading, seeding, sodding, and tree planting so you can prepare your lawn for your future landscaping project. Contact us at RKS today and we can help you out with your landscape architecture project!

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Commercial Lawn Maintenance in Ontario

Weather in Ontario being so volatile means it’s changing constantly, so keeping your lawn in top condition can be difficult. We at RKS Services Group Inc are used to this and know exactly how to keep your lawn looking as fresh as possible in these weather conditions. We offer lawn maintenance in Windsor and across Ontario to keep your lawn trimmed down, removal of weeds, preparing for additions, laying out sod, seeding for new flora & vegetation.

Contact us at RKS for a free landscaping quote your lawn maintenance, and we can help you out with keeping your lawn maintained in the condition you’ve been striving for.

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