Landscaping is something everyone should consider having done on their property at least once. With its intricate work and planning, it should be considered an art form. Landscaping generally means making a patch of land more aesthetically pleasing by either fixing, enhancing, or adding features. Landscaping ranges from a simple lawn care routine to creating an entirely new scenery.  Whether you’re looking for the basics of landscaping services or more in-depth services, it’s best to know the costs of landscaping in 2021 so you can plan out a new look for your land.

Which Type of Landscaping Should You Get

A common question that most don’t know the answer to. There are many different types and methods of landscaping. The most common types of landscaping done on land are:

  •         Planting Flowers
  •         Lawn Maintenance
  •         Trimming/Pruning Trees
  •         Shrub Planting & Maintenance
  •         Foundation Planting
  •         Sod Laying
  •         Water Fountains

Being the most common is due to their simplicity. They’re quite simple features that can enhance land aesthetics from decent to beautifully vibrant. Sometimes the simplest practices work the best and this translates into landscaping heavily.

Planting Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful feature to add to anything and with landscaping being focused on land, flowers bring that pop of natural beauty that nothing else can accomplish. Planting flowers is strategic with having to plant them in specific locations to complement your property’s current aesthetic. Make sure you consult with the landscaping company you hired on where best to plant flowers. They have experience and know what results in the final landscaping product you want.

Lawn Maintenance

Regular lawn maintenance is the key to keeping any area of land kept. Lawn maintenance is quite simple but with other responsibilities keeping you busy, you may lose time to do regular maintenance. Hiring a landscaping contractor for your lawn maintenance is the best route in this scenario. A contractor will come in and mow the lawn, water regularly, weed the lawn, border edge concrete areas, clean up dead grass, and clean up leaves. It’s best to have lawn care at the beginning of spring to clean up after winter degrades the lawn, then continuous lawn maintenance through the summer.

Trimming and Pruning Trees

Landscaping services are exceptional if you have any trees on your property as they can get overgrown, become dangerous due to falling branches, and generally look messy when in an open area alone if they’re not receiving regular maintenance. Hiring a landscaping contractor to come in and trim/prune your tree to keep it maintained is crucial to tying up the clean look of your lawn. Often, landscaping contractors offer tree trimming and pruning but for in-depth maintenance, you may need to hire an arborist. Not all landscaping contractors offer arboriculture services, so make sure you hire the right landscaping contractor for the job.

Shrug Planting and Maintenance

The same philosophy for trees comes in with shrubs. Shrubs can look amazing if kept in proper condition and maintained. For example, check out your local park and the shrubs kept around. They’re all trimmed and kept clean. Trimming shrubs can often mean the same thing as trimming trees, so make sure to specify what you’re looking for when you contact your local landscaping contractor. Especially when it comes to the difference between pruning and trimming. Trimming means trimming down on overgrown portions while pruning means removing dead and/or loose portions. If you like the overgrown wildlife look, then specify that you’re looking for the dead/loose portions to be removed to keep your property looking healthy.

Foundation Planting

Foundation planting can mean numerous things, but generally, it’s the practice of laying down a bed of plants. This can range from flowers and shrubs to trees. A landscape can look elegant when it’s a simple patch of grass that’s kept proper, but if you’re looking to spruce up the look and add a bit of elegance, you’re going to want a local landscaping contractor to come in for foundation planting. The best part about hiring a professional for foundation planting is that you can then hire them on contract for regular landscaping services. You’ll get that appealing picture-perfect lawn when the foundation planting is done, and it will stay that way with regular maintenance.

Sod Laying

Sod is a pre-grown grass, containing no weeds, held together by the roots and a layer of soil. It makes for easy transportation and installation. Rolling it out like a carpet onto an old dead bed of grass or soil that’s missing grass is a great way to get your lawn started. Hiring a contractor is best for this as they have sod ready for you or will order it for you, then come in and lay it out for you. Sod is beneficial for your lawn since it grows much faster than grass seeds, and maintains an even level once fully integrated into the land’s soil.

Water Fountains

Not to be confused with a drinking fountain, a water fountain is a fountain with a constant running stream of water. They look beautiful and add a sense of charm to a lawn. A warning beforehand, water fountains can be costly on your hydro bill. Although many water fountains are set up to run the same stream of water over and over, some require a constant water supply. Secondly, even if you purchase a water fountain that utilizes the same stream of water regularly, it can eventually become dirty and require a cleaning/change. It can be an expensive accessory to add to your lawn, so make sure to prepare your budget beforehand.

How Much Landscaping Can Cost In Ontario

On average, basic landscaping can cost $100 – $250 per session in Ontario. “Basic” meaning regular lawn maintenance. This average is a simple rough estimate to go off, as landscaping contractors have different price ranges, and different features can add to the final price.

Average Tree Trimming Cost

Trimming and/or pruning of your trees can cost an average of $300 – $600 in Ontario. It all depends on the location of the tree, the current health, the amount of work required, the size, and the type. Working on trees requires a permit as well since enough significant damage to an old tree could end up in a lawsuit if the owner is inclined. It’s a dangerous job as well, so all the factors listed beforehand can end up changing the price drastically.

Average Lawn Care Cost

Lawn Care on a basic level, which would be a simple trimming and watering of the lawn, can cost from $30 – $75 in Ontario. Once again, factors such as the size of the lawn, and current health can change the price. Luckily, it’s fewer factors than other landscaping services. Often, professional landscaping contractors will offer a free quote on your work, provided you give them information on the size of the lawn per square foot. If you’re looking for a landscaping contractor near you, google “landscaping contractor near me” and compare prices to find the best one for your lawn care needs.

Average Sod Laying Cost

Sod laying is a much more costly landscaping service, but it’s worth every penny if you’re in a situation where your land lacks healthy grass. Sod laying can cost on average from $1000 – $3500 in Ontario. This average is based on whether you choose to install it yourself or have the landscaping contractor lay the sod. It’s often worth hiring a contractor to lay sod since they have the experience and knowledge on how to do it properly, so your lawn will grow evenly. A positive of hiring a contractor to lay the sod is if any errors become present afterward, they’ll often come in and fix it up for you. If you were to do it yourself and have an error, you may have just wasted up to $1000 on useless sod or possibly put your lawn in a dangerous position. An example is incorrect laying can mean water being trapped under the sod easily, leading to water damage. Hire a landscaping contractor to lay sod for you, and get it done right the first time.

Average Foundation Planting Costs

Foundation planting costs average from $500 to $1500 in Ontario depending on the number of plants and quality. Hiring a landscaping contractor makes this process extremely simple as you can employ the purchasing, installation, then the regular maintenance of the plants through the same contractor. This ensures that you’ll be able to come home to a beautiful lawn every day, as professionals will always make sure to do the installation properly from the beginning and maintain that alluring aesthetic for you.

Average Water Fountain Installation

The average price for a water fountain ranges from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the size and style. Additionally, installation can cost an average of $750 to $2,500. This shows why hiring a landscaping contractor to do the entire purchase and installation process is beneficial. Having to do it all yourself can create mix-ups and confusion. Possibly having the wrong materials can mean waiting longer for the installation, or not being able to install it at all. Avoid that error and hire a landscaping company near you.

Which Local Landscaping Company Should You Hire

Finding a landscaping company/contractor that will do the job you need for the price that works best can be difficult. The easiest way to do this is to find all your local landscaping contractors right away. Google “Landscaping company near me” and go through the list. Check the websites of the companies and view the landscaping services offered. Read through client testimonials to see how other customers’ experiences have been. Then, make a list of the contractors you’re considering and contact them. Explain what you’re looking to do, whether you know the terminology or not, and see what they can do for you. Some professional landscapers offer free landscaping quotes on your work, so take full advantage to properly plan out your budget.

Knowing how much landscaping costs in 2021 isn’t easy, as many factors can influence the cost and change a small $1000 job to a $5000 one. Contact your local landscaping company to see what services and prices they offer. An excellent example is RKS Services Group Inc. A Windsor landscaping company, RKS Services Group Inc offers landscaping services among others such as their demolition services. Contact RKS for a free quote on your next project.