If you’re looking to hire a demolition company for a project of yours, it’s best to know which types of demolition are most done, so you understand what exactly the team will be doing for your project when they say the type of demolition.

There are 4 most common types of demolition that you need to know about, Crane & Ball Demolition, High Reach Arm Demolition, Implosion Demolition, and Selective Demolition. Here are the 4 different types of demolition you should know about.

Crane & Ball Demolition

It’s exactly how it sounds. The oldest demolition method, the old crane & ball. It’s all reliant on the crane raising a ball made of metal, weighing around 1300 to 1400 pounds, being swung down at a high velocity or dropped from a high height onto a structure to break it down.

This type of demolition does have its cons, as it can only be used on lower height structures due to the danger that is present once exceeding 3 stories. Not being able to be used around power lines doesn’t help either when it comes to house demolition in residential areas, and don’t forget the amount of noise, dust, debris, and overall uncontrolled mess it causes. Professional demolition is done in a method that often reduces the mess in a controlled area, but with the crane & ball, it’s quite difficult to control it. This is why it must also be operated by an experienced licensed operator, otherwise, you’ll find your demolition area even worse than you could have imagined.

High Reach Arm Demolition

High Reach Arm Demolition usually has a base machine being operated for it, normally a high arm reaching equipment, hence the name. Typically, it’s an excavator with an arm that can reach over 20 meters that is telescopic, and often has demolition tools such as a shear, hammer, or crusher on the end of it. It’s much more precise for demolition than “crane on ball” since its utilities allow for switching out for different scenarios. Much more typical for residential demolition since the height of the arm cannot be raised too high. It’s limited by the machinery arm height and even then, it’s not used too often due to its inability to be operated under power lines.

Implosion Demolition

This method of demolition uses explosions to take down the structure, typically at critical support points in the structure to make the weight of the building implode into itself in a much more controlled way. Implosion demolition is great for using in house demolition, since the blueprints of the structure are often available right away, which allows the demolition company to quickly find the support points and lay the explosions down in the correct points for maximum controlled demolition. Once again, this method of demolition must be done by experienced demolition contractors, because despite the controlled manner that the demolition is done in, it still presents dangers with it.

Selective Demolition

Selective demolition is a method used with the idea of “reduce, reuse, recycle’ in mind. All the building materials taken down are done so with the idea of reusing them, from concrete, steel, and wiring. All of it is recovered in the best condition possible. It can be costly and timely since it requires going through the entire structure and taking it down piece by piece, but it lowers the cost of the next building done on the site since now a bunch of the parts can be reused.

These are the 4 types of demolition you should know about before hiring a demolition contractor in Windsor. Now that you know about them, you can have a better idea of which one will best suit your next demolition project. If you’re looking to do a house demolition in a residential area, or commercial demolition, you now have a better knowledge of which demolition method will best suit your next project.