demolition on 658 caron windsor

Photo: Demolition crews are tearing down 658 Caron Ave. in Windsor. November 25, 2019 (Courtesy of AM800’s Sarah Johnson)

Residents in a neighbourhood in the city’s near west end are relieved to see a vacant derelict home coming down.

“Well finally, there was some action when it came to demolishing this place,” says Waseem Hussein whose property backs onto 658 Caron Ave.  “It has been a headache for us. I can tell you the city officials have been responsive.”

The property at 658 Caron Ave, south of Wyandotte St. West, has sat vacant for ten years, and was on fire two years ago.

Neighbours had complained to the city the property was being used as a dumping ground and was attracting rats, wild life and raccoons.

Some homeless people were also using the home.

Crews recently arrived on site and started taking down the home.

“It took about a month to get all the permits, disconnect from Enwin, gas, utilities, so it does take some time,” says Hussein.  “We are relieved that this property, damaged property that was on fire and has been abandoned for over ten years is being taken down now.”

Hussein says residents were promised that demolition would take place in November, so he’s pleased it is actually happening.

But he adds the city needs to strengthen it bylaws to prevent similar derelict homes from sitting vacant for so long.

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Written By:  Teresinha Medeiros