Tearing up floors for a remodel or renovation is a project that many people have decided to take on this past year. With Covid-19 keeping everyone on lockdown for so long, many figured it was the perfect time to start those renovation and remodeling jobs they’ve put off for so long. It’s a great idea to renovate the flooring in your house. Sometimes you need to repair, or maybe you’re just going for a brand-new look in your home. No matter the reason for removing your floor to prepare for a new one, it’s never a good idea to try and tear up your floor on your own. It’s dangerous without the proper equipment and expertise, and demolition companies have the experience needed to do the job efficiently and properly for you. These are just a few reasons so let’s look at the key points for why you need a demolition company for floor removal.

How Is Floor Removal Done 

Regardless of where the floor removal is being done in the house, certain steps are followed beforehand. Keep in mind that once the demolition company begins the floor removal, you’re then fully committed to putting in new flooring. Flooring isn’t something you can just put back.

  1.       Remove all accessories and/or fixtures
  2.       Find an area to begin tearing up the floor
  3.       Remove flooring
  4.       Replace and/or repair underlayment
  5.       Waste management
  6.       Final inspection

Remove All Accessories and/or Fixtures

When you’re removing all your accessories or fixtures in the room, make sure to put them in a safe location where they won’t be exposed to any debris. You don’t want anything damaged so make sure it’s out of the way.

Choose Starting Point and Commence Floor Removal

Finding an area to begin tearing up the floor is simple. Normally, the demolition company will pick a corner to start in and work their way out in a cone shape. This ensures they can break down every single piece evenly, without damaging anything surrounding the flooring.

Underlayment Repair or Replacement

After the flooring is completely removed, the area is often left with underlayment. This is the concrete underneath that serves as the foundation for the flooring. No matter how safely a floor removal is done, repairing or replacement of the underlayment is necessary. It’s easy to damage it and smart to keep it in the best shape possible for longevity.

Waste Management

Waste management, like any of the other steps in this process, is dealt with by the demolition company. Making sure that everything is completely removed from the area before the full cleanup and new flooring installation is crucial. One piece of debris left can leave you with uneven flooring. Along with this, waste management is no easy feat. You can easily mess this up despite it sounding easy since there are many regulations and permits required to dispose of waste properly. A professional demolition company will always make sure to have their connections ready for waste management and to keep the waste in the best condition possible.

This may sound odd but keeping the waste in good condition means the option of recycling the waste afterward. Recycling is a win for everyone in a floor removal job, as the demolition company gets some money for recycling, you can have a price reduction from the recycling (not guaranteed), and you’re now making sure that resources are reused and recycled into new materials. Keep your money clean and keep the planet clean in all one move. Recycling is very big in the demolition industry, so any professional demolition contractors make sure to do this.

Final Inspection

The final inspection comes after the waste has been completely cleared out. As said before, one little bit of debris can make the new flooring uneven and possibly damage it. No one wants that, so one final inspection is always done to make sure that everything has been cleared out properly and that the underlayment has been readied for the new project. If you employed demolition services, which is always recommended for a job such as this, then you don’t have to do this yourself. The demolition company you hired will look over the area for you. If you’d like to look at it yourself afterward, they’ll always ask you if you’d like to do a final inspection yourself. The second pair of eyes is always welcomed and recommended.

The Dangers of Floor Removal

Now that the process for floor removal has been laid out, it’s easier to explain how it can be dangerous. It can be easily explained since floor removal is like any demolition job, only it’s focused on one specific area of an interior. When it comes to floor removal, one of the biggest dangers can be to health. Wearing proper PPE is necessary as removing a floor can upheave a lot of dust and particles that were locked into the flooring. Although it’s not a lethal danger, it’s still detrimental to your health to have all those particles from your feet being upheaved into your lungs.

That may seem like an easily avoidable danger with the use of proper PPE, but the reason demolition companies are recommended for floor removal is their equipment usage. Using improper equipment can almost guarantee this upheaval of harmful particles into the air. Demolition companies make sure to use the proper equipment while wearing PPE. This ensures that as little dust as possible is thrown up into the air and that everyone in the interior stays safe.

The equipment being used is also dangerous. Depending on the type of flooring being removed, different types of equipment will be utilized. No matter which one is being used, from the general box cutter knife for cutting up a carpet, to a handsaw for cutting up wooden panels, improper usage can lead to injuries that are easily avoidable with the right expertise. This is what contractors bring to the table with their demolition services. Safety is a priority for them, both their safety and yours.

Who Should You Hire for Floor Removal

Choosing a demolition company for floor removal means being met with many different contractors that offer demolition services. Hiring the best demolition company possible means choosing the demolition company that’s best for your needs.

To find the demolition contractors that you can hire, google “demolition contractors near me” or “demolition companies near me” and go through the list provided.

Normally the top results are good, so pick 3-5 of them and check out their websites. Go through their services and see if they’re the right ones for you. Oftentimes, demolition contractors’ websites don’t explicitly say that they offer “floor removal” but that they offer “interior demolition”. Interior demolition is what floor removal falls under but if you’re still unsure, check which ones you can easily contact either through email or phone. One way to know if they’re a good company is if they have the option to contact for a free quote on your project.

Go through client testimonials and compare as well, as often people will post when they’ve had either extremely good experiences or the opposite. Once you’ve contacted a local demolition contractor, check their client testimonials, and checked if they offer floor removal services, choose the company which is best for you.

A crucial point is to pay attention to the prices of floor removal. The cost of floor removal can range from $2.00 to $5.00 per square foot in Ontario. It ranges depending on the waste management, the labor prices, and the material prices. It’s a large range so it can change easily.

Pay attention to this and provide information on the flooring that’s being removed. If a demolition company quotes you a price that seems extremely low compared to others, then it’s too good to be true. This can mean they cut corners. Of course, this isn’t always the case so make sure to check client testimonials.

We hope that you consider hiring a demolition company for floor removal and your next project. Every new project on an already established area means needing a form of demolition, and demolition is a dangerous project to take on your own so make sure to keep your safety priority. No amount of money is worth your health and safety. If you’re looking for demolition services in Windsor, Ontario, contact RKS Services Group Inc. With their expertise and brand-new equipment, they’re well equipped to take on your demolition project and complete it with efficiency, and professionalism.