When Should A House Be Demolished?

The decision on whether to remodel your house or tear it down and start anew can be a difficult one, but it all comes down to different factors of where your house is. If you’re having trouble on whether you should demolish your house or remodel it, here are the key points to look at for when a house should be demolished.

Faulty Foundation/ Structural Issues

If you’re considering a remodel and/or demolishing of your home, then you need to check your home’s foundation and structure. This can be easily done through the site, but best sought out by experts in demolition. Finding faulty foundation in your home can range from cracks or gaps on the brick exterior or interior of your property, areas of your property sinking in such as a floor being on an uneven level, or doors that stick or don’t open/close properly. These are just a few of the small fault foundation areas to check for, but they can be a good indicator for whether you should go with demolition or a re-modeling.

When looking at the structure of your house, you’d be looking into the skeleton of it. If you’ve noticed moisture or mold damage in areas that would cause the structural integrity of the home to be fragile, it’s time to consider demolition.

Looking at fault foundation and structural issues is one of the biggest ways to know whether you should remodel or go with a full rebuild of your home and demolish the original structure. Noticing these is easily done by a demolition company, and they can help you find any issues that may be cause for a demolition.

Remember that your safety is the number one priority in this. Don’t risk your life with a renovation when it’s too dangerous for you to be within a structure that’s failing. Your house can be replaced with something better, while you cannot be. Keeping this in mind should be more than enough reason for you to consider demolition if it’s what’s needed for your house.

Renovation Costs > Brand New Home Cost

If you’ve checked for any faulty foundation and/or structural issues and found none, that’s fantastic. You can begin your renovation. As you’re going through everything that needs renovating, you may come across an issue that nearly everything requires renovation within your property, and it can be quite costly. Our previous point that your safety is the number one priority stands true, and if your structure still is safe for the renovation then that is fantastic, but if your costs of renovating your house are too large an amount, exceeding the cost of a brand-new home, consider demolishing it and starting new. This may seem like an odd choice, but if renovating an entire house is going to cost as much as a brand-new home, your money is better spent on remaking the house to exactly fit your desired image. With a brand-new building that you can design, you can make the house to your perfection with everything you desire, as opposed to renovation which would cost more where you’d still be restricted to working around the existing structural points. Demolition is the best choice in this scenario for getting you started, as you can also recycle and reuse parts of your house for your new build, saving you further money.

No more room for renovations

If you’re unhappy with your house’s layout and design, we’d imagine you’ve been doing some extension renovations on it to fit your desired goal. Unfortunately, as we pointed out in the previous point, we are often restricted by the existing structural points of a building. If you’ve completed every renovation possible, and you’ve fixed everything up to hopefully realize your dream home, yet it still is not there and requires more? Go for a demolition. If you can’t continue to do renovations, you won’t fulfill the perfect image of your perfect house. With demolition, you can start anew and create exactly what you’ve wanted without being restricted by the previous structure in place. You can expand out further, stand up taller, or change the layout to fit your needs. Demolishing your home means starting brand new, and that means getting to be a creator for what you see fit. If you have no more room for renovations, consider demolition as your final choice in renovations, and your first step in realizing your dream home.

Zoning Restrictions

Being restricted by your city or HOA on renovations and/or remodeling of your house can be frustrating when you’re simply trying to achieve the perfect image of your house. Being restricted can mean not allowing for additions such as height, width, or length to your home, and these restrictions often are in place due to the original structure. This is where demolition can play a big part again for you. Demolishing your house and starting anew means being able to waive said restrictions for the different ones that are in place for building houses. You can now rebuild your home the way you want, and not be restricted by the previous zoning laws, but only by the ones meant for home construction. Hiring a demolition company to help you with this can be extremely beneficial as stated before since there are methods of demolition that allow for you to recycle and reuse portions of your previous structure for the new one, granted that they’re still in prime condition and safe to use. Save yourself money, save yourself the trouble, and realize your dream house. It all begins with demolishing your house.

When should a house be demolished? A question that often is asked, and we hope these 4 points help you get a clearer grasp on if you should demolish your house, or simply remodel. Keep in mind your safety, your budget, and your laws surrounding you before you make a decision, and always make sure to hire a professional demolition company for the job.