Landscaping and Land Clearing; What’s the difference?

Landscaping and land clearing sound very similar but are two different processes entirely that relate to your land. Hiring a landscaping company that offers land clearing services, a land clearing company, a demolition company that offers land clearing, or even a demolition company that offers landscaping services, you may end up confused as to which is which and why one is their primary service. We have been confused by these two terms before and have decided to create a clear outline of what each service is, and how they can relate to your needs. Here’s the difference between landscaping and land clearing.


Landscaping is the art of making changes to a piece of land by its aesthetic to improve its appearance, vitality, viability, and value. This means such practices as added or removing architecture and plants, maintaining lawns through lawn care services, trimming any plants on the property, and many other practices. All these practices are related to one common goal of making the piece of land look beautiful and healthy.

What’s the point of Landscaping?

If you’re a homeowner and you have a lawn and/or land that requires care, you’re going to want to do landscaping and we recommend doing it through a company and their services. Why you’re going to want landscaping for your land on a basic level is to improve its look and beauty. A well-cared-for lawn looks great and presents a fantastic view of your property. Going deeper, a well-cared-for lawn through landscaping can increase the value of your home. Homes with landscaped yards can sell for a significant amount more than those without, and they present a strong impression on any buyers looking for a beautiful home. Not only this, but it’s good for the environment and can cut energy costs. Adding a tree to your lawn through landscaping can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide a year, and lawns can keep up to 12 million tons of dust and dirt from being upheaved into the atmosphere. Putting aside the fact that lawns and trees are good for the environment through their filtration, trees are also producers of oxygen which as we all know, is quite good for our breathing. How can they cut energy costs though? Planting shrugs and trees in specific areas related to your home’s location can save on air conditions and heating bills due to the plant’s natural ability to filter the oxygen around us.

This is why landscaping is important, and why you should consider it. But what is the difference now between landscaping and land clearing? Aren’t they the same thing?

Land Clearing

Land Clearing is the development of land by removing existing vegetation, intending to use it for future purposes, from construction to agriculture. Much different from landscaping. While landscaping is the improvement of the existing land on your property, land clearing is removing all of it to start over. It is essentially wiping the slate clean so you can start fresh. This means removing anything within the land clearing project area and preparing it for future purposes. Many demolition companies offer these services since land clearing is essentially a form of demolishing.

What’s the point of Land Clearing?

Land clearing has a much more different use than landscaping as clearly noted since it involved removing plants, both dead and alive, and preparing the land for future use. If you’re a homeowner with a vibrant lawn already, then landscaping is what you need, not land clearing. If you’re a homeowner with a dead lawn that is beyond saving, then land clearing is what you need. This is a much smaller scale than what most land clearing operations are, but this is a good example of the point of land clearing. A demolition company would come in to do land clearing, and essentially demolish any existing plants in the area, dead or alive, and remove them entirely. Then they would prepare the land for a future lawn to be placed and grown. Once they’ve done that, then they would do landscaping, but the act of removing the previous work to start anew is the difference between land clearing and landscaping. Land clearing is the teardown, then the build-up of a piece of land, while landscaping is the maintenance and care put in to make sure that land stays beautiful.

Land clearing being the demolishment, and landscaping being the renewal, the difference is clear, yet the names can be easily interchanged. We hope you now understand the difference between landscaping and land clearing so you can make an informed decision on what service you may need for your land. Remember that demolition companies often offer land clearing as a service so if you’re looking for land clearing services, make sure to look for a demolition company near you. Contact us to get a quote from 1 of Windsor’s landscaping companies.