Preparing for a bathroom demolition can be an entire project. It may seem simple, especially when compared to a total demolition job of a structure but it takes experience to do properly. Being an internal demolition that’s focused on one location means having to account for many different variables that are eliminated in a total demolition.

The steps for a bathroom demolition include the planning, the preparation, the demolition, and the cleanup. All these steps are very involved and bring different pros and cons to the process. Knowing what’s involved in a bathroom demolition can give you an idea of why employing demolition services from a professional contractor for the process can streamline your project and keep your structure in the best condition possible.

How To Do a Bathroom Demolition

  1.       Shut off bathroom electricity
  2.       Shut off the water supply
  3.       Remove your toilet
  4.       Remove the bathtub or cover it up with a sheet.
  5.       Remove any amenities on walls/counter
  6.       Remove cabinets
  7.       Turn off the water valve
  8.       Remove flooring
  9.       (Optional) Remove baseboards
  10.       Remove lighting fittings
  11.       Tear down drywall

This is the beginning process of a bathroom demolition, simplified down to show how even on a simplified level, the bathroom demolition process can be extremely involved and takes many steps to complete.

Why You Need Bathroom Demolition

If you’re considering a bathroom renovation then there are going to be multiple reasons why you should opt for a full remodel, beginning with a bathroom demolition. If you find any indication of a high level of asbestos in your bathroom, then a renovation wouldn’t do much to improve the safety of your bathroom. It may look nicer, but it remains a hazardous area that can be detrimental to your health.

A renovation means improving the look of your bathroom but in most cases, you’ll end up needing to do an entire remodel of the whole interior site. A bathroom demolition allows you to start from scratch and customize the style to your tastes. Although this is a full remodel and may cost a bit more than a renovation, it’s worth it to customize your bathroom to be the exact look you’ve been wanting.

The size of your bathroom comes into play as well since a larger bathroom will require more work to properly renovate, meaning there’s more room for error. A bathroom demolition giving you the ability to start from scratch allows for a smooth process from start to finish and allows for planning that will leave very little to no mistakes in the end.

Hire a Demolition Company for Bathroom Demolition

Attempting to take on a demolition project on your own is quite the task and can take a lot of effort and money. Doing it yourself can be extremely unsafe, take a lot of your time, waste disposal isn’t as easy as you’d think, it may not be done correctly, and most importantly it will cost you more in time and effort than hiring a demolition company. Hiring a demolition company for a bathroom demolition is the best for expediting the process and saving yourself the trouble. Here’s why to hire a demolition company for bathroom demolition.

  1.       Safety and/or Hazard risks
  2.       Hard Work Isn’t Desirable
  3.       It’s a Time-Consuming Process
  4.       Do It Right the First Time
  5.       Waste Management
Safety and/or Hazard risks

With any demolition project, there are many safeties and/or hazardous risks present. Avoiding these and knowing how to work in such an environment is crucial at all costs, and it’s the primary reason we have demolition companies that specialize in the field. They have the knowledge and expertise to handle situations where there may be hazardous materials present. An example is asbestos, a commonly used material in 1900’s construction that was found to be extremely hazardous to health. Breathing in the fibers over long periods can cause damage to your health, and when performing demolition on a site with asbestos, you need to have the right equipment to protect yourself and the surrounding public from the material. Demolition companies have the expertise to work within an environment and eliminate hazards, or they have the right connections to bring in a specialist to remove any safety/hazards to make the environment safe.

Hard Work Isn’t Desirable

No matter what your profession is, whether it’s a desk job or you work in construction, you’re going to want to relax after work. Once your workday is done, you’re looking forward to relaxing. If you have a demolition project that you need to undertake like a bathroom demolition, it can eat away at your relaxing time and eventually take a toll on your health from the work put in. Relaxing back after your workday is complete is desirable, while taking on a heavy project isn’t. Hiring a demolition company for your bathroom demolition is fantastic. They take care of the work for you and allow you to sit back and relax while they do the messy work. It’s what they specialize in, and they’ll do it more efficiently than you could after your day of work.

It’s a Time-Consuming Process

On the note of time-consuming, demolition companies are extremely efficient. They specialize in the field and know all the steps required to complete a project smoothly from start to finish. An example is the Windsor to London demolition company RKS Services Group Inc. Efficient work that’s done promptly, with all the equipment necessary on hand, and all the permits necessary for the job. Doing a bathroom demolition by yourself means getting the equipment yourself, the permits, and losing your downtime to a demolition project. Add all that up, onto the fact that demolition companies will be much faster and more efficient than you, it’s worth it to hire a demolition company for the process to expedite it, and get it done right.

Do It Right the First Time

Knowing how to do a bathroom demolition isn’t as simple as you’d imagine. Like any other demolition project, it’s a long process that takes multiple steps and precautions. Doing one step incorrectly can affect the entire bathroom remodel and set you back more than your budget and health can handle. Professional demolition companies are efficient. Being experts means they’ll do the job correctly from the beginning, allowing you to move onto the next step of your bathroom remodel. Save yourself the headache and money troubles and get a demolition company to do the job for you.

Waste Management

If you’ve ignored all the reasons beforehand and decided to do the demolition yourself, and it went smoothly, congratulations. That’s something to be proud of. However, the biggest step that’s overlooked during a demolition, specifically a bathroom demolition, is waste management. Disposing of all the debris isn’t as easy as you’d imagine. Calling up a dumping company to remove your debris isn’t the right move, as you can be fined for disposing of the waste improperly. Demolition companies have the right sources and connections for proper waste management and disposal. Alongside this, professional demolition contractors make it a point to be as environmentally friendly as possible. You may think you’re recycling and being green, but you could easily mess up the disposal and cause problems for yourself, the waste management company, and your wallet. Hire a demolition company to take care of it for you.

If you’re considering a bathroom demolition to make your bathroom into a comfortable location, then you’ll need to know what’s involved in a bathroom demolition. We highly recommend going with a demolition company like RKS Services Group Inc for your bathroom demolition if you’re located in Ontario. Professionals like RKS Services Group Inc have the right tools, equipment, practices, and experiences to get the job done.