Land clearing is preparing a site. Simple and plain, that’s the definition of land clearing. It’s used on sites of land to clear it entirely and it’s normally the first step in construction before the land can be used for a new structure and/or project. Land clearing is the prequel to the main project. It’s quite important since you need a basis to build off to properly start a project. Starting a construction project on any land that isn’t prepared for it is already going in the wrong direction. Every construction plan needs to be sure that the land is prepared for the future structure, and this is where land clearing services come in. This is the importance of land clearing, and it’s much more in-depth than most would imagine.

Why do I need Land Clearing? 

You need land clearing if your site has any obstructions or obstacles that would slow the development of your new project. This goes for commercial, residential, municipal, and all types of land. Any type of land that has a project about to commence on the site would require land clearing if there were any obstructions in the way. Trees, shrubs, bushes, and any other obstacles that would stand in the way of development are why land clearing is needed. Looking at the pros of land clearing shows clearly why it’s an important niche in the construction profession, despite most public not knowing of it.

Pros of Land Clearing 

Land Uses 

Land clearing being done on land that was previously deemed unusable can now allow said land to be used. An entire lot of land that was once worthless can be used for future projects. Furthermore, land clearing being done on land that didn’t necessarily need it but would benefit from land clearing can be now used for further projects, enhancing the quality and value of the land.


An area of land that contains rotting wood and/or dead trees can be hazardous to any surrounding structures and pedestrians. Using land clearing can allow for the safety of this land to be present again, and usable.

Land Health Hazards 

When looking at the health hazards of land, it’s possible to find vegetation that could be diseased and possibly spread to other pieces of land nearby. Land clearing can make the land healthy again and eliminate this threat to surrounding vegetation.

Promotes Growth 

Land clearing, despite the name containing “clearing”, can help with the health and growth of plants and trees. An area of land that is overcrowded with vegetation can decline the growth of that vegetation due to not enough nutrients being available for all vegetation. Clearing the land and providing more room for the plants to grow can result in vegetation gaining better access to the needed nutrients for growth.

Improves Soil Health 

Plants and trees being overgrown can be detrimental and result in weeds and other unwanted plants growing, causing soil erosion. Eliminating this with land clearing helps distribute the soil evenly and improves soil health.

Decreases Fire Hazards 

Forest fires are a problem that can grow rapidly and are extremely dangerous to any surrounding public and the vegetation within the land. An overgrown piece of land can increase the risk of fire, and land clearing can be used to eliminate this threat by removing the deal plants, rotting tree stumps, and other flammable vegetation. Land clearing can prevent the spread of a wildfire, resulting in the protection of both the land and any surrounding land/structures.

Reduces Pests 

Dense areas with too many vegetation types such as trees and plants are used as a natural shelter for pests like ticks. Using land clearing can reduce the natural shelter and reduce the number of pests in the area. The threat of pests like ticks is much more of a threat than most would imagine, as they can spread to surrounding structures and now pose a high risk of pest infestation. Using land clearing reduces the chances of their nesting.

Enhancing Aesthetics 

Land being sold when in a poor state will not sell for a high value, but using land clearing can improve the aesthetic and health of the land. This can increase the value of the land, which makes selling much easier, and using land clearing will result in a high return of investment, as often land clearing services are only a fraction of the cost earned from selling said land.

What Equipment Is Used For Land Clearing? 

Hiring a contractor for land clearing means a long process of surveying the land beforehand to decide the equipment that is required. Each land clearing service is done this way. The land has to be surveyed for safety and health reasons first, then the equipment required will be decided and used. Certain factors come into play such as the future use of the land such as land being used for farming, ranching, or construction. All of this needs to be considered before a land clearing service can commence.

The equipment most commonly used in land clearing services are excavators, excavator mulchers, tracked mulching units, wheeled mulching units, and skid steer tractors. All of these pieces of equipment can also be equipped with different attachments to assist the workers and possibly speed up the process. Other tools may be necessary that professional land clearing companies always have on hands such as a chainsaw, stump grinder, ax, bow saw, tree pruner, scythe, and weed whackers.

The bigger machinery used is what professional land clearing services have on hand for their offerings, and all the tools that may also be needed are mainly used by hand. There are certain scenarios where land clearing services may be required to go into the land and clear portions by hand before larger machinery can come in and do the job.

Should I Hire A Professional Land Clearing Company? 

Short answer, yes. All the pros named beforehand are a guarantee when done through a professional land clearing service. A couple of advantages that come with hiring a professional land clearing service are

Quick Work 

Choosing to do the work yourself is an option, but a slow option. It may take months to clear all unwanted obstructions on land to prepare it for future use. Hiring a professional land clearing company can speed this process up drastically, and get the job-ready on a deadline.


Your safety is important, and that’s why professional land clearing services are offered. Professionals know how to go into the land with the proper PPE and tactics to safely prepare the land for your future uses. There are many safety hazards to consider, and not knowing what you’re doing can pose a very large threat to you. If there are insects, animals, diseased plants, and dangerous vegetation within your land, get a professional. Your life is worth much more than any piece of land.


All the experience, training, and knowledge that professionals have means that they’ll do the job efficiently and make your land look like a brand new area. Hiring a professional land clearing service means gaining a professional fresh piece of land.

Equipment and Materials 

An experienced contractor has all the equipment and materials on hand that is necessary for land clearing. No matter the number of tools you have, professionals will always have more. They have the proper funds to buy the equipment because they do this work, so hiring them means getting that efficient, quick work, due to all their equipment and materials on hand.

Fair Rates 

You may be intimated by the prices of land clearing, but when you factor in the amount of time you’d be spending on land clearing yourself against the price of hiring a professional land clearing company, you’re saving massive amounts of money. All land clearing professionals will offer proper rates too that stay in line with others, so do your research to find a company like RKS Services Group that offers proper rates and quotes beforehand.

Following Procedure 

Staying within the laws during a land clearing is easier said than done. There are many rules and permits required. A professional land clearing service can get permits for you and follow all proper procedures to do the job and stay within the law. Don’t risk yourself to a large fine that would exceed the cost of hiring a professional land clearing company.

Land clearing is a lot more important than most would imagine it to be. Preparing a site for a future project is always necessary, and it’s an easy task. When you consider if you need land clearing, remember all the notes we’ve provided on the importance of land clearing. If you’re looking for land clearing services in Windsor, Ontario to Southern Ontario, give RKS Services Group in a call. They offer fair rates, professional services such as demolition services and land clearing services, and a free initial quote so you know upfront what you’re paying for.