Pools can be quite a pricey luxury to own and removal of a pool can cost a good amount, but helps you save in the future. This is just one reason to demolish a pool since there are many different reasons someone may want their pool removed from their property. Despite there being many reasons for demolishing a pool, there are only a few certain ways to do it correctly. Hiring a demolition company for the job is the best route to take if you’re looking for quick, and efficient work. To understand partial and complete pool demolition costs, you need to know which one you’re going to need.

Things To Know Before a Pool Demolition 

Before you hire demolition services for your pool demolition there are a few things you should know. Knowing these few things beforehand can help you determine the cost and size of the job. This information is necessary regardless of the method of demolition needed for your pool, so it’s best to have it ahead of time to expedite the process.

The Volume of Your Pool 

Determine the volume of your pool in cubic yards. This gives a good idea of how much dirt or gravel needed to fill it.

  1. Measure the length of your pool in feet
  2. Measure the width of your pool in feet
  3. Measure the depth of your pool in feet
  4. Multiply each number together (ex. 20 ft long x 20 ft wide x 10 ft deep)
  5. Divide the total by 27

This is how you can find the volume of your pool in cubic yards. Providing this information to a professional demolition company can get you a fairly accurate quote on your work.

List Your Pools Features 

Describing what material your pool is made of can help for a further accurate quote. Answer these questions beforehand to provide to the demolition contractor you’re hiring.

  1. What material is the pool made of? (ex. Fiberglass/Concrete)
  2. Is the pool vinyl-lined?
  3. Does the pool have any ladders, stairs, or other features similar?
  4. Is there nature around the pool? (ex. Trees, Shrubs, Bushes, Grass)
  5. Are there any man-made features surrounding the pool? (Fences, Gazebos)
  6. Is there water in the pool currently?

All this information is needed by a professional demolition company. Having it beforehand is appreciated and helps expedite the project’s planning and finalization. This information can get your partial pool demolition job done quickly and efficiently. Giving it to them ahead of time will cut the time they need to determine it themselves and helps both you and the demolition company with speed.

Pool Demolition Methods 

There are two primary methods for removing a pool, which is partial and complete. There’s the partial demolition which is called a “pool fill-in” and a complete pool demolition.

Partial Pool Demolition 

A partial pool demolition or a “pool fill-in” means removing only the top portion of the pool, throwing it into the bottom of the pool, then filling the pool with dirt, or gravel. This method is only used for inground pools, as an above-ground requires complete removal. It’s a quick method that only requires demolition of the top portion of the pool, then filling it up with dirt for your lawn to grow over.

Although this method can be quick and inexpensive, some complications can arise from this. If your inground pool has an autofill valve, there’s a chance it can malfunction and start to fill your pool despite being filled with dirt. This can cause sinkage or swelling which can greatly impact your lawn and your property value. Having this as a problem in the future will cost extra to repair as well and isn’t very desirable to deal with.

The best way to do this safely, and with minimal future complications is hiring a professional demolition company to come in and demolish the top part of the inground pool and fill it for you. This ensures a safe job that will get done properly, so you won’t have to worry about any future complications.

How Is a Pool Fill-In Done? 

6 primary steps are done to perform a partial pool demolition/ pool fill-in.

  1. Drain any water remaining. (Making sure any chemicals, such as chlorine, are disposed of properly.)
  2. The bottom of the pool is either broken up, or holes are punched into it. This allows for any rainwater caught within to drain properly.
  3. The walls, lining, and features within the pool are removed.
  4. The top layer of the pool’s material is demolished and put into the bottom of the pool.
  5. The pool is now filled with the chosen material (dirt, gravel, topsoil) and compacted down as it’s filled to create sturdy flooring.
  6. Once the pool has been filled to approximately 6 inches before ground level, topsoil is placed on top for grass and/or plants to grow.

How Much Does a Pool Fill-In/ Partial Pool Demolition Cost? 

The average cost of a partial pool demolition/ pool fill-in costs between $3,500 to $5,000

This entirely depends on the information listed beforehand. The volume of the pool, the features, the location, the materials, and the complexity. All these factors can change the price, and ultimately it comes down to which professional demolition company you hire for the job.

Complete Pool Demolition 

Complete pool demolition is extremely similar to partial pool demolition. Where it differs is a complete pool demolition entails demolishing all the pool’s materials down to the soil underneath, disposing of the materials, then filling the spot up with dirt/gravel/topsoil. The same information necessary before a partial pool demolition is necessary for a complete pool demolition service. Having it beforehand helps speed up the process and grants you the backyard you’ve been wanting.

There are pros and cons of a complete pool demolition just like a partial pool demolition.

The pros include being able to have no impact on the value of your home. You are required to disclose that a pool was once on the property and was fully removed, but it’s very unlikely it will impact the value. With a complete pool demolition, any risk of sinkage or seepage is nearly non-existent. This makes it very desirable against a partial pool demolition, but it still comes with cons.

The cons of a complete pool demolition are that when a pool is removed from a location, then it’s often deemed non-buildable. This isn’t the case in every city, but the majority follow this. This means no additional buildings can be put on top of that land as It’s now considered a safety hazard. There is still the option to put sheds, concrete, landscaping, or trees on the location, however. This may be a small con, but the bigger one is in the price.

If you’re on a budget and looking to save money, then a complete pool demolition might not be the right method for you. Professional demolition companies charge more for a complete pool demolition as opposed to a partial pool demolition due to the labor and intensity of the project.

If you’re wondering how a complete pool demolition is done, it’s an answer that varies on different factors. It depends on the type of pool being demolished and removed. Above ground pools and inground pools have different methods of demolition.

How Is an Above Ground Pool Demolition Done? 

There are 4 steps done for an above-ground pool demolition.

  1. Completely drain the pool.
  2. Tear down the pool. This is normally done by unscrewing the bolts, using a sledgehammer on the walls to demolish them, then ripping the walls down/apart.
  3. Waste management. A demolition company will often have a waste management contractor set, and this can help you with costs as you can recycle the materials.
  4. Repairing the site. Once the pool has been demolished and removed, there will remain a spot of dead grass where the pool stood. If you’re replacing the pool with a new one, then this isn’t a problem. If you’re going to be putting grass in its place, then let the demolition contractor know ahead of time so they can assist you with the landscaping.

Waste management and site repair are crucial, and highlight why hiring a demolition company is best sought out for this type of project. If you find the right demolition company, you may get lucky where they have landscaping services on hand. An example is RKS Services Group Inc, which specializes in demolition. Although this is their specialty, they also offer landscaping services. Having a demolition company that offers multiple services like this is beneficial since you can create a plan from the beginning for a pool demolition, then a resodding of where the pool previously stood.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Above Ground Pool? 

The average cost to remove an above-ground pool varies on the multiple factors listed beforehand. It can range from a few hundred dollars to $5000 and above. It all depends on the factors of the pool, so make sure you have this information to provide to the professional demolition company you hire so you can get an accurate quote. Many professional demolition companies offer free quotes with their work, so make sure to check if you can get a free quote on your project with the information you’ve gathered.

How Is an Inground Pool Demolition Done? 

There are 4 steps done for an inground pool demolition.

  1. Completely drain the pool
  2. Completely demolish all concrete and pool materials and dispose of them through the proper waste management channels. (A professional demolition company will do this for you)
  3. Once the pool is broken down to a hole of dirt, the hole is filled with soil, dirt, and/or gravel, and compacted down.
  4. The area is fully compacted down as a safety measure and prepped for future use.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove an Inground Pool? 

The average cost to completely demolish and remove an inground pool can range from $3,500 to $15,000 depending on the size of the pool. Once again, this all depends on the factors beforehand. This is why you need to know this information and provide it to the professional demolition company you hire, so you can get an accurate quote on your demolition project.

Who Do I Hire for My Pool Demolition? 

When you seek out a demolition company online, be sure to search “Demolition company near me” to find the nearest company and hire the one you deem best for the job. Make sure to get a quote for your work as well, by providing the information you gathered. Read reviews of your local demolition company, check their demolition services offered, and check their previous work. If you’re looking to put grass where your pool stood, check if they have landscaping services as well. Knowing all of this helps you choose the best demolition company possible for your project.


Hiring a demolition company for a pool demolition is the best choice. Many things can be done wrong and can cause damage to your property, city property, or neighboring property. Keep yourself safe and seek out a professional demolition company. Hiring a demolition company to avoid any problems and keep the value of your home as high as possible is the smartest move. It’s an in-depth process that many don’t realize how complicated it can be.