Demolition is a profession that is quite inexpensive to employ, especially if the size of the demolition site is small. The larger the demolition area, the higher the costs. A bathroom may be a smaller area but since it’s an interior site that requires internal demolition, the costs can vary. A bathroom remodel may mean an internal demolition, and it can cost you a decent amount. Although the cost of a bathroom demolition would be significantly lower than the cost of the total remodel, it can still dig into your budget. Knowing how to save on bathroom demolition costs when hiring a demolition company is simple if you know a few simple tricks and how a bathroom demolition is performed.

How Bathroom Demolition Is Done 

Remodeling a bathroom has a few steps needed, which include removing the bathroom of the materials within. Looking at it from a base perspective, there are five steps needed.

  1.       Shut off the electricity and water supply
  2.       Pull out sinks, cabinets, and other materials related.
  3.       Remove toilet
  4.       Remove bathtub and/or shower
  5.       Tear down walls and flooring

These are just the basic steps for a bathroom remodel, but they’re all done to properly remodel a bathroom.

4 Ways to Save On Bathroom Demolition

Contact Multiple Demolition Companies

Get estimates and quotes from multiple different local demolition companies. There are many different demolition companies, and all have different rates for their work. Contact different ones for a free quote, which most demolition companies will offer. Finding a professional demolition company is easy by searching “demolition company near me” and doing so will show you the top ones in your area, with reviews showing their quality of work.

Get Recommendations 

Ask around. People know different companies for different services and demolition services are no exemption. Ask around your neighbors, friends, family, and anyone you know who may know a demolition company near you that can provide quality work for a proper price.

Deconstruction and Recycling 

Salvage your materials. Most don’t know this, but a lot of materials that are taken down in a selective interior demolition can be reused for future projects. Instead of buying brand new materials to replace the original, reuse your old materials if they’re still in proper condition. Another way to save is to recycle those materials properly. Recycling specific materials can get you some money back too, so be sure to ask your local demolition company about where they can properly recycle the materials. They often have connections and outlets they go to regularly and can assist you in saving some money.

Don’t Relocate Plumbing and/or Electrical

Although remodeling means starting from scratch, it means starting from scratch on the design of the bathroom. Reconfiguring your layout by moving toilets, sinks, tubs, or showers can cost a lot. You’d be going into the actual configuration of your house and you’d have to relocate each.  Simply planning around where the toilet, sink, and shower are already, is the best way to save money here. The materials that are required for configuring a new layout are expensive already and adding in the demolition costs of having to rip into the skeleton of your home means you’d be dipping much further past your budget if you didn’t plan for this type of remodeling initially.

Overall Costs of Bathroom Demolition 

The average price of a bathroom demolition is $500 – $2000. This is such a large range of price since bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes and with different types of bathroom demolition projects being taken means that the prices vary in a large range.

Looking at some costs of a small 100 square foot bathroom demolition, we can see how each price can vary. The average costs are from $40 – $130 for lower-end demolition, $70 – $170 for average interior demolition jobs, and $100 – $210 for high-end demolition jobs. This is focusing on the removal of specific materials from showers and toilets, to flooring and drywall.

The differences between each one are based on how much of the interior is demolished. The lower end would only include a small bit of demolition that doesn’t change too much, the average is a decent amount of demolition done and the most often type of bathroom demolition done, and high-end means a full demolition job that may include changing the layout and configuration of the bathroom’s materials.

Adding all these demolition jobs into a full remodel of a bathroom would cost an average of $500 – $2000, and it’s why getting quotes from a local demolition company is important. A professional demolition company can offer you a free quote on the type of demolition job you’d be requiring. Knowing this from the get-go gives you a clear insight into your budget and where to allocate your funds.

Choosing The Right Demolition Company for Bathroom Demolition

When you’re contacting multiple demolition companies for different estimates and quotes on your bathroom demolition cost, you’ll be greeted with varying quotes on the work you’d be needing. Remember that although the price is the concern of this article, do not choose a demolition company based on that price alone. If you find yourself asking “how much does interior demolition cost” while contacting a demolition company, then you’re on the right track. The average cost for an interior demolition can range from $4 – $20 per square foot, yet each demolition company has varying prices and the average is a rough estimate that shouldn’t be followed as a definitive answer. Contacting a professional demolition company is the best route to take, as you’ll need to provide specifics of your layout and the project to get an accurate quote on your work.

Check the reviews of the company and see client testimonials on the work. These are normally easy to find if you search “demolition company near me” and check reviews on the Google My Business section of a company. The better the testimonials, the better the reputation they have, and this should be a key point in choosing the right demolition contractor for your bathroom demolition.

Double-check that the demolition company you’re considering is fully licensed and insured as well. This shows their work is quality and they’re operating under the proper laws.

Knowing how to save on bathroom demolition costs is a great way to allocate more of your funds to the future remodeling project and attaining the look you’ve been desiring. Remember that contacting multiple local demolition companies for free quotes and their work quality is just as important as saving money. If you require demolition services, interior or exterior, contact RKS Services Group Inc. We offer demolition services from Windsor, Ontario to London, Ontario.