With the pandemic locking everyone down, personal projects have been caught up on or finally started/completed. Many people find themselves with projects they’ve wanted to complete or start, some that have to do with demolition. However, demolition isn’t an easy job, and hiring a professional demolition company is what is recommended for safety and efficiency. It can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing, and hiring professionals is going to be best when accounting for safety issues and time saved. The biggest question often asked is “how do I know which demolition company to hire”. There are 4 steps to knowing how to hire the right demolition company in 2021:

  1.       Create a project plan (optional)
  2.       Check their previous work and client testimonials
  3.       Verify their insurance, & license
  4.       Provide your project plan to get an estimate and/or quote on your project

Following these 4 steps when searching for a local demolition company are crucial, as they’ll outline if the demolition company is the right one for you. Make sure to follow these steps with different demolition companies, with the final step being to compare them. One company may seem fantastic, but another might be the right fit for you.

How Do I Find a Demolition Company Near Me

If you’re searching for demolition services, then the best way to find one is through Google. Searching specific terms will show you the demolition companies that offer specific services. You can google either “demolition company near me” or “demolition services near me”. This will show you the companies that offer demolition near you and the companies that specialize in demolition. Another way you can find demolition companies is by searching within your city. An example would be if you were to search “London demolition company” then the professional demolition company RKS Services Group Inc would appear, showing how RKS Services Group Inc offers demolition services in London, Ontario.

Searching like this for the companies that can offer their services to you is a great way to compare them. Choose 5 of the results, check their websites, and from there you can start to see which demolition company is going to be the right one for you.

Creating a Project Plan

This step is entirely optional, especially if you’re new to demolition and don’t understand how it works. A professional demolition contractor can often help you out with this step but if you understand what you want and when you need it done, then it’s a smart idea to create one for the future. This can help you get an accurate estimate and/or quote on your work. Essentially, it lets the demolition contractor know what they’ll be hired to do and what you’ll be doing with the project once the demolition is finished. Of course, they’ll need to do further planning as they execute the plan, but having this plan is a great way to get the estimates for comparing different companies.

Check Previous Work and Client Testimonials

When you find the demolition companies near you, visit their websites if they have one and check their previous work experiences. Normally, demolition companies have a section on their website where they showcase their previous work so that potential clients can see how they operate and the type of work they provide. Compare the demolition companies and their previous work to see which one is best for you. You may be interested in a small interior residential demolition and one of the companies only showcases their commercial demolition services, which tells you how they may not be the right one for you.

The next step with this is to read the client testimonials. You can normally find these on their websites, but a great way to see true reviews from previous clients is by viewing their business on Google maps. This will show you reviews people have left on their Google account, and these reviews are the real ones that they have no say over. Make sure you trust reviews that have written words as well. Although it’s still valid to rate a company with only a star rating, demolition services are an involved process that takes a while. Reviews that simply have 1 star or 5 stars, without any further information on what the services are like are not going to be beneficial to you. Compare written reviews that have something to say about the demolition services and the company, both negative and positive, and then compare those reviews with the demolition companies you’re considering.

Verify Insurance and License

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, contact the demolition companies that you’re considering. You’ve checked reviews, you’ve checked their previous work, you’ve checked their services offered, but now you’re going to want to verify they have a license that allows them to operate and demolish structures, and they have insurance in the unfortunate case of an accident.

Any professional demolition company will have both and will gladly verify their license and insurance. One of the main goals of a professional Is to reduce any safety risks, so they’re often more than happy to provide you with proof that they operate as safely as possible, with insurance in case of anything.

Get A Quote on Your Project

The companies you’ve narrowed it down to have the proper license and insurance to do the work and have proven to provide demolition services to their client’s satisfaction. Now you’re going to hire them, but you need to get a quote on your project before you just hire any company. The average cost of a residential demolition in 2021 is $2 – 6 per square foot, which leads to a $4.00 margin for change. Some demolition services may only cost $2 per square foot while some cost $6.

Get a quote/estimate on your project, by providing the project plan you previously created. Some demolition companies offer free quotes on their work, so you don’t end up blindsided, and you know what you’ll be spending. Compare the different prices between the companies you’ve been considering, and then determine which company provides the best services for what their prices are. Remember that paying more doesn’t always mean getting better services. Do your research and see which company can take on your demolition project properly.


Being such a dangerous industry, demolition is filled with different companies that offer their demolition services. This ensures public safety and proper work practices are followed. Determining the company to hire can be difficult, so knowing these steps on how to hire the right demolition company in 2021 can help you narrow down your search and find the company that will best suit your needs.