Renovating an old patio can be a whole project in and of itself, and discovering your patio’s damage is beyond repair isn’t great news to have. In this scenario, the removal of a concrete patio is necessary and the most reliable way to do this is by hiring a demolition company to  demolish the patio. Starting a patio from scratch seems like a waste of time and money, but it’s often the best option available and can save you money long into the future.

You save money in the future due to fewer repairs needed, and you get to customize your patio to your needs and preferences. If you’re wondering how much it will cost to demolish a patio, then you’re in the right place. Today, we’ll be looking at how much it costs to demolish a patio and how a demolition company can help.

Average Cost of Patio Removal

Patio removal means concrete demolition. To determine the price, we need to factor in the prices of concrete removal. On average, concrete removal prices are $2 – $6 per square footage, depending on the type of concrete.

The most common factors that can influence the cost of your concrete patio removal are:

  • The size of the patio
  • The complexity of the patio
  • Location
  • Accessibility

and it all comes down to the demolition contractor you hire for the job. A professional demolition company like RKS Services Group Inc is a great example of efficient work to check out. The average cost having a $4 difference is due to these factors. A small driveway in a smaller town may only cost $500 to remove while a small and difficult to access patio in a highly populated town may cost $1000.

Consider where you live. Living in an area with a higher cost of living means paying more for your concrete removal. It’s about the location. The location of your patio, the location of your property, and how accessible it is. One thing people overlook when finding estimates for concrete patio removal is the demolition contractor they hire. Concrete patio removal must be done by a demolition company since the patio needs to be demolished down to gravel to be removed properly. Contacting different local demolition contractors and finding the best quote for your project is the best route to take when looking for the right demolition experts.

On average with the sizes of patios, it normally costs from $500 to $1000 to have a concrete patio completely removed. Keep in mind that you can earn some money back from this when recycling the waste. Concrete removal is done by destroying the concrete down to gravel, which can then be recycled for construction companies to use. Hiring a demolition company to remove your concrete patio is beneficial here since they’ll do waste management afterward, which includes recycling the gravel. Consider hiring a demolition company for your project to speed up the process, keep yourself safe, and carry out proper waste management.

Equipment Used for Concrete Patio Demolition and Removal

There are many different methods by which concrete patio removal can be done, and it all depends on the factors listed before. The equipment primarily used by demolition companies for concrete patio removal is hand-held machinery such as sledgehammers, jackhammers, or large operated machinery like excavators.

Sledgehammers are the most used tool in concrete demolition since they’re easily transportable, easy to use, and can quickly demolish a concrete patio when used properly. The speed of a sledgehammer concrete demolition is nothing compared to an excavator of course, but they’re great for concrete patio removal in smaller, inaccessible areas.

Jackhammers are used almost as often as sledgehammers. Although they’re machinery, they’re operated by air compression and easy to get into inaccessible places. They have many different attachments for drill bit ends that allow for versatility.

Excavators come in all shapes and sizes, but the most used for concrete patio demolition and removal are bobcats. Bobcats are a type of excavator that are normally smaller, making them perfect for fitting into smaller demolition sites. Skid-steer loaders and compact excavators are used for concrete patio demolition primarily since they have many bucket attachments.

This allows for easy waste management afterward. Since they can be equipped with “breaker” attachments for breaking up hard surfaces like concrete, bobcat excavators are used quite often to make concrete patio demolition jobs speedy and efficient.

All these tools and equipment come into context for the cost to demolish a patio since depending on the factors listed before, a demolition company hired for the job may have to use different tools. A smaller patio demolition would only call for a few workers wielding sledgehammers, making the price lower. A bigger patio may need a bobcat to quickly demolish and remove the patio, making the price slightly higher.

Finding the Right Demolition Company for Concrete Patio Removal

Hiring a demolition company for concrete patio removal is the best option for this type of project. You need to keep in mind all the factors listed, and the type of equipment necessary. From there, start looking at local demolition companies for their services offered.

Professional demolition companies like RKS Services Group Inc, will take on patio demolition and removal jobs and have all the equipment on hand. Contacting them for further information on the job is crucial. Find out the square footage of your property, the location, and the accessibility. All this information can speed up getting a demolition contractor out to your property for the job.

Remember that most local professional demolition companies will offer a free quote on your project, so having this information on hand to provide can get you an accurate quote on your project quickly.

Read the reviews from any locals who have hired the demolition companies you’re considering. This will give you insight into if they’re a professional company and the right one for you.

Knowing how to find out how much it costs to demolish a patio is a simple process and will give you the information you need to see if your budget works for your next project. If you’re considering hiring a demolition company for concrete demolition and removal, consider RKS Services Group. Offering demolition services from Windsor to Southern Ontario, with all the necessary equipment on hand and at the ready for you and your next project.