When it comes to removing an old shed, you’re most likely considering either renovating it or demolishing it so you can rebuild a brand new one. Although the former is desirable, we suggest the latter with a shed demolition done by a professional demolition company. A shed is a smaller structure that doesn’t cost much to rebuild and with a rebuild, you can design and build the shed to your desire and needs. But the difference between a renovation and a rebuild of a shed is the demolition.

A shed demolition can cut into your budget if you don’t account for the costs. If you find yourself asking “how much does it cost to tear down a shed” then you’re in this spot. To help you understand the costs we’ll be looking at how a shed demolition is done, how much it can cost, and how to save money on it.

How To Tear Down a Shed

Although it’s a demolition on a much smaller scale, we still highly recommend a demolition company for this. All types of demolition are dangerous. Having a professional means keeping yourself, and anyone surrounding safe.

The process of a shed demolition is quite simple. Fully demolishing the shed is normally done using an excavator. The equipment type used is normally either Skid Steers or Mini Excavators. They’re small, compact, and can quickly demolish smaller structures with minimal safety risks.

This is a very straightforward demolition method of sheds, but others can be utilized as well depending on your plan. A selective demolition is an option if your shed has many salvageable materials that you could use in the future. This may end up costing a bit extra in the start but being able to reuse materials and recycle others through a salvage company will save your money future-wise.

If you’re going to be doing either of these methods, 5 steps best followed are:

  1. Remove any windows and/or window frames
  2. Remove any doors
  3. Tear off roof
  4. Tear down walls
  5. Rip up floors

These steps should always be followed when a shed demolition is done, and this is what most professional demolition companies do. You may be asking yourself if you could demolish a shed by yourself. Although this is a simple process, it’s only simple for the professionals due to the experience and training they’ve had to do these jobs. No matter the size of your shed, we recommend hiring a demolition service near you. You can easily find this by looking up “demolition services near me” and you’ll be shown many professional companies within your area.

The Costs to Tear Down a Shed

Going with a professional demolition company means keeping yourself safe, but of course, this comes with a price. The average cost of a shed demolition is $650 – $2100 including the price of waste management. This is just an average of course, and many factors can change the cost.


Living in a higher-income area will raise the price of your shed demolition, as opposed to the price of a shed demolition in a lower-income area. Where your shed is on your property also plays into the cost. If your shed is easily accessible due to its location (ex. right on the driveway) then you won’t need to pay more, but if your shed is somewhere the demolition equipment has difficulty accessing then you may need to pay extra due to that obstacle.

Keep in mind that professional demolition companies will associate the cost of a city permit for a shed demolition with your pricing, so you don’t have to worry about that. Although these factors can change the price, it’s in the pursuit of safety and efficiency.


If your shed is in extremely poor condition, then further safety precautions will be necessary to demolish the structure. Compare it to any regular structure’s demolition. It’s the same concept, safety is the number one priority. Any safety and/or health risks apparent due to the condition of the shed will require further safety precautions to keep workers safe, and this can cost you extra.

Shed Connection

If your shed is wired for electricity, gas, plumbing, or has a concrete slab underneath, then expect to be paying a little extra in your final price. All these utilities need to be turned off, which a professional demolition shows in the final price. A concrete slab being demolished is no easy task as well and will cost extra due to the equipment required.

How Do I Hire A Demolition Contractor for Shed Removal

Removing your shed isn’t an easy task which we’ve clearly outlined here and hiring the right demolition company for the job is crucial to getting the best demolition services for your needs. The best thing you can do to begin looking for a demolition company is googling “demolition company near me”, which will show you all the immediate demolition companies in your area. Alternatively, googling “demolition company” with your city will show you the same.

From there, find 3-5 demolition companies that you feel fit best for you and check their websites. Check their previous work, their experience, their services, and see if they have pricing. Most professional demolition companies don’t have a pricing scale since many factors come into play. What they do is offer you a quote on your work, and sometimes a professional demolition company will provide you with a free quote on your work so you can know up front how much you’d be paying.

Get your quote, check the previous work, and check reviews online as well. All these factors can help you decide which demolition company is best for you.

Knowing now how much it costs to tear down a shed, it’s easy to see why many companies offer quotes and why hiring a demolition company is best. It’s difficult to gauge an overall cost when so many factors come into play, even for a smaller structure such as a shed. If you’re looking for a demolition company for a shed demolition, give RKS Services Group Inc a call. With their experience and training, they’ll demolish your shed efficiently, and offer you a free quote on your work ahead of time.