Demolition is a profession that can be applied to many different aspects of our everyday lives. One of these ways is our driveways. After years of use driveways often need replacing and this means demolishing the existing driveway to make way for a new one. Finding yourself in need of a driveway replacement can be daunting if you don’t know how it’s done. When it’s time to replace your driveway, make sure that you understand how driveway demolitions are done by a professional demolition company to help you understand the available options.

How is Driveway Demolition Done?

A driveway replacement means hiring demolition services to break down the existing driveway to clear the area. It sounds like a straightforward procedure but just like any other demolition job, it’s still a complicated process that can be dangerous if done incorrectly. There are two primary ways to remove a driveway. Either the demolition is done by hand or with heavy machinery. The demolition tools used in both methods are very dangerous if not operated properly so hiring a demolition company for their services is best done to keep yourself and anyone surrounding safe.

Make note of the material your driveway is made from as well. Most driveways are made of concrete yet there are plenty made from asphalt. Although this is a different material than concrete, it still requires demolition services to remove it properly.  

How to Remove an Asphalt Driveway by Hand

Asphalt demolition can be done either by hand or by heavy machinery. This means needing the proper tools, which a professional demolition company will have on hand. The process of demolishing an asphalt driveway by hand is done with a jackhammer or a circular saw. A demolition company will come in, find the most vulnerable spot on the driveway, and begin the demolition from that area. The process of slowly breaking the driveway spreads out until the entire driveway is demolished.

A sledgehammer is often used afterward and/or during to ensure all the pieces of the driveway are fully broken down for easy scooping with a shovel and proper waste management.

Professional demolition companies will have these tools on hand to do the job, including the personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to work in this environment. Due to harmful chemicals in asphalt that get thrown up into the air when demolished, professional contractors will have masks and gloves to wear for this job and suggest that you do the same if you enter the site at any point.

Along with this, the heat that asphalt attracts can become hazardous if it’s an extremely hot day outside so if you decide to go on-site, make sure to drink water to stay hydrated.

How to Remove an Asphalt Driveway with Machinery

There is the option for a demolition company to utilize heavy machinery. The same rules for demolition by hand apply to heavy machinery demolition. A jackhammer, circular saw, and sledgehammer will be on-site for getting areas that may be difficult to reach. This is due to the demolition being primarily done by an excavator, most likely a skid steer excavator. Using excavators for an asphalt driveway demolition means that the job will be done much quicker, as the demolition and waste management can all be done with an excavator.

How to Remove a Concrete Driveway by Hand

A concrete driveway demolition process differs from asphalt since it’s a lot more labor-intensive compared to asphalt. Concrete is a much sturdier material that requires proper machinery to do the job which results in a longer process. A professional demolition company demolishing the concrete driveway by hand will use a jackhammer and a shovel.

The process starts with a jackhammer beginning in the top corner of the driveway and slowly working down the driveway while breaking the concrete into the smallest pieces possible. While doing this, another worker will be shoveling debris into a pile on the side to clear the area. This allows for quicker waste management and eliminating any safety hazards. This process takes two tools only but is a long process depending on the number of workers present. It can be done by two people alone but may take up to a week to complete.

How to Remove a Concrete Driveway with Machinery

If you find yourself in need of a driveway replacement quickly, then a demolition done with heavy machinery is the route to take. A demolition company will have the equipment necessary for the job and will more than likely use heavy machinery since it allows for the safest and most efficient work possible.

Excavators, specifically skid steers, are used for concrete driveway demolition. A demolition company should be sought out for this due to the expertise they bring to their profession. Hiring a demolition company for driveway demolition means employing the permits, the demolition services, the equipment, and the cleanup. This saves you the trouble of labor, equipment/waste rental costs, and protects you from safety hazards.

The tools most often used are pavement breakers which are vertical T-shaped machines that can wear down concrete, and skid steer excavators that allow for different tools to be attached, making them extremely versatile. A hydraulic concrete smasher attachment is often used on a skid steer since it can demolish chunks of concrete to even smaller pieces, allowing for easy waste management.

Who Do I Hire for Driveway Demolition?

The best thing you can do for both your wallet and your safety is to hire a local demolition company for your driveway demolition. Professionals have the expertise to do the job safely with minimal risk to anyone within or surrounding the site. No matter how many precautions are taken, there will always be safety risks when undertaking a demolition job, so hiring a professional demolition contractor is the best route possible.

To determine who to hire for driveway removal services, search up local demolition companies or “demolition company near me”. You’ll find many different contractors offering their demolition services, with some specifically noting their driveway removal services, and some companies offering to a free quote on your project. Compare company reviews and see how other customer’s experiences were. Check the company’s previous work for examples of their expertise.


Finding yourself in need of a driveway replacement isn’t very fun but knowing how it’s done allows you to choose the best method and type of demolition for your driveway. Hiring a demolition company, like RKS Services Group, while knowing this information will help you out with getting the best demolition services possible. Make sure to measure your driveway beforehand, note your address, and the location of the driveway since that information can get you a further accurate quote on your project. All of this will help you out with getting your driveway replaced as soon as possible. Check out the rest of our blog to learn more about demolition costs and concrete removal.